Living As Demented Lunatics Or Normal People In Poverty?!

Of the 249 countries with living beings in the world of which 193 are independent with the exception of none have their challenges and shortcomings – historical, present and futuristic, Nigerians are among those countries with national obstacles preventing its progress and advancement.

Although, several countries – first, second and third world countries have basic necessities (infrastructure and social amenities) according to their abilities, they lack some basic necessities, they lack the right values.

Nigeria, as a case study is a country, that lacks the right values. Whether agreed or not, values play a major role in the development of a country. The attitude, character, behavior and other factors determine the trajectory of a country. Values are not bought but taught.

The average Nigerian is disorderly, corrupt, impatient, ungrateful, unpatriotic, unhygienic, disobedient to laws (known and unknown) and yet expect their country to progress. It’s not an issue of few but of many.

Living Nigerians In The Struggle For Normalcy.
Amongst The Living Nigerians In The Struggle For Normalcy. Photo: The Guardian

Scenarios’ of Living Nigerians In The Struggle For Normalcy

In Nigeria, if you visit the ATM, on some days, you’ll witness madness. Except in cases of pregnant women or the elderly which are allowed because of their conditions which is deemed reasonable, you still see some trying to manoeuvre their way into withdrawing. They disrupt the queue and that breeds a sense of disarray amongst others.

How about when you go for your NIN, PVC, Voter’s card, Driver’s license registration and you’re illegally and unethically asked to give them money to either facilitate the process or get it done. That’s corruption. You must have seen cases where people don’t wait for the traffic lights signal either to stop or to move. That’s impatience. Also, some are offered assistance either in cash or kind but do not even say “thank you”.

Some host parties – birthdays, weddings, naming ceremonies et Al spray the naira, stamp their feet on it which is very wrong. Those who sell goods in overt or covert markets, throw their rubbish on the road, into the drainages. And when those drainages get blocked, causing floods and sicknesses, they blame the political leaders.

A country where people get injured or have a accident and instead of helping, they rather film for social media. Is it not evident that “likes and views” have become more important than “lives and values?” 

In 2017, the Prime Minister of Malta, Joseph Muscat resigned over the death of a journalist by virtue of a car bombing. Many years ago in Finland, some top politicians resigned over a maternal death (death during childbirth) because it was the first in history. They saw it as a failure on their end. But here, people died on a train attack, and the person in charge was talking about billions of naira lost. It’s clear that the values money over lives.

All wrong values are hindrances to the growth of a nation in every ramification. Prayers won’t change it, sadly. I say this because even in church, wrong values are prevalent which is contradictory to the scripture which says, “Let all things be done decently and in order”. And to think we have arguably the highest number of churches in the world. How then can we pray against ourselves? That’s counter productivity.

For every country to progress, there must be some basic right values at least, 70% of the population must possess.

They include;
1. Love.
2. Honesty.
3. Hygiene.
4. Respect.
5. Integrity
6. Orderliness.
7. Appreciation.
8. Discipline.
9. Patience.
10. Hard work and smart work amongst others.

These things may seem like we do them because we know them but that’s not the case.
Can you imagine a country where at least 70% of people in church, banking, politics, law, business and economy, civil service et Al practice these values. Don’t you think there’ll be progress? Don’t you think there’ll be development devoid of ethno-religious bias?

One of the leading nations in technology, also an Asian giant, Japan with a population of over 125 million people is a country that has arguably the best of people with the right values. They don’t pray for those values like we do here. They simply learn and teach. And those values grow up with them.

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