Graphic & Web Designer
Ademiluyi Sunday
Just as humans need a home, businesses need websites.
Our designs are focused on connectivity and deliverability of service.
In achieving this, we use the right tools.
Developing With a Passion While Exploring The World.

Web design is the process of creating a website. It can be done by an individual, a company, or a group of people. The design of a website usually consists of the layout, colors, fonts, and images. There are many web design services that can help you create a website. Some services are free, while others charge a fee.

Services We Provide

What We Do To Be Your Efficient Digital Service Provider
Logo Design

One of the most precious assets in your business is your logo, which serves as the face of your brand. It is the one item that will most strongly represent your brand.

Web Design

How frequently have you heard someone declare their intention to create a website? Although the concept is fantastic, creating a website from scratch is not a simple effort.

Digital Marketing By Mi-Lu-Yi
Digital Marketing

Digital marketing services are a particular category of service that often provides a range of digital marketing alternatives, including search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media marketing, and email marketing.

Animation By Mi-Lu-Yi
Video Animation

Your business must take all step possible to stand out online in the cutthroat internet marketplace of today. Video animation is now one of the finest ways to draw attention to your website and keep visitors coming back.

Work Experience

Trust The Process | Maintain The Standard
Graphic Designer
With Over 5 Years of Quality Graphic Design Service, We’ve Been able to deliver remarkable designs that in turn attracted the needed attention to our customers businesses.
Graphic Designer 97%
Web Designer
Our Web design services were borne out of the need for businesses to have their space on the internet. This also defines our interests in digitalizing businesses away from the local/analog mode of operation.
Web Designer 95%
The life-blood of any business is essentially pumped consistently through “Marketing’ as this is the channel through which the business breathes and continues to operate through patronage.
Digital Marketing 80%
UI/UX Designer
Being a UI/UX designer brought us to the edge of more digital challenge, as we needed to understand the true concept of product design in correlation with the essence of user friendly designs through the ‘User Interface’ and ‘User Experience’.
UI/UX Designer 75%

Our Portfolio

iAnimate | iBrand | iCreate | iDesign

What Our Clients Are Saying

Every Brand | Service Provider Requires Customer Feedback
Provest Limited
“Mi-Lu-Yi has been a reliable and resourceful associate in management of our digital presence”.
They’ve also been able to redefine our online presence through progressive adjustment to meet our target audiences across the country.
“We started out with an old and incomplete website.
We were then referred to Mi-Lu-Yi to see how the website can be managed with other digital assets.
So far, Mi-Lu-Yi has ‘wowed’ us and given life to the company’s look digitally”.
“Started out a couple of years ago and ran the business on an analog mode of running the business. Over time we discovered there was a need to bring the business into digital limelight.
After proper consultations, Mi-Lu-Yi was our most preferred service provider to digitalize our facility management services”.

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Communication is key to understanding that in turn translates to the trust that builds, maintains and sustains the integrity between we and our profound clients.